Scholarly Works

List of Publications

My primary scholarly interests are in construction procurement. Procurement being an area that involves many different subjects, I have studied and published in variety of subjects including building economics and management, construction information technology, construction law and alternative dispute resolutions. However, my “scholarly love” has always been for Building Information Modelling (BIM), especially on its implementation in BIM Infant Industries. Here are some of the interesting publications:

Affordance-led framework of understanding of BIM adoption

Application of Lean Principles to Reduce BIM Implementation Costs

Building Information Modelling and Future Quantity Surveyor’s Practice in Sri Lankan Construction Industry

Influence of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management in a BIM Enabled Environment

The Winner’s Curse in the Sri Lankan Construction Industry

Frequently Challenged Determinations of the Engineer in Sri Lankan Construction Contracts

I am also happy and proud to be one of the authors of the first book to discuss Building Information Modelling in Sri Lanka – BIM Development and Trends in Developing Countries: Case Studies.